Friday, November 16, 2007

Restoring a frozen ssh session

If you have ever been logged into an ssh session and had your connection burp and freeze your ssh session, here's a way to get it back without closing the session and opening a new one. Try the following key combination to bring back your locked up ssh session...


(enter key,then shift ~, then period)

This should bring back your ssh session if connectivity comes back. Also, if you were using 'screen' during your ssh session, it would be like you never left and you would be exactly where you were before it locked up :)


jose said...

Great tip.
If I have this problem again I'll try it :-)

Alex said...

It worked great. Well, at least in my case, it caused the SSH session to give up and disconnect, but at least it unfroze the terminal. It's useful.

Thanks for the tip!

Erik Itland said...

If it doesn't seem to work, it might be your keyboard doesn't send ~ before you press a letter. (Happens to me on norwegian keyboards.)

If you experience this, try:

enter key,then ~, then space, then period