Friday, September 19, 2008

Hacker claiming private exploit against kernels > 2.6.24

Here's a link to a thread I have been following over on the Ubuntu security forums. I'm not sure what the whole story is and how true it is, but is interesting none the less. Hacker claiming he can get root on a server through a private exploit on the kernels > 2.6.24. Give it a read and see what you think.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Virtualbox 2.0 hits the scene!

Talk about a surprise, I recently mentioned that version 1.6.6 just came out and here a couple days after it's release comes 2.0! I wasn't expecting to see version 2.0 for some time, but it's here now so get it while it's hot!

Amazon to sell OLPC laptops!

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This is great news, as I remember the first round of laptop sales were plagued by delivery and fulfillment problems. It appears as though they will have this in place before the holiday season, so hopefully this will increase sales and visibility. Maybe I should I buy one for my daughter and that way I can retire the dying laptop she is using that runs Ubuntu :)

More info here...

Updated to fix above link :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The free media program flood gates have opened!

Holy smokes, I didn't realize that they opened the media program yesterday and this morning I found 479 new messages from the free media email list. It's nice to see such a demand for a great operating system. After checking the media page, it looks like we will accept the first 100 orders or more if we feel ambitious and generous :)

Since I'm new to this group, this was a bit of a shock to see such a volume of requests and I can only imagine what will happen when Fedora 10 hits general release. Anyway, it's all good but I hope the contributors burners do not go up in flames!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Virtualbox 1.6.6 released!

My favorite virtualization software has been updated once again. It's nice to see that Sun has not bought Virtualbox to just let it sit around and stagnate. I'm so happy that it's being actively developed on, with bug fixes and improvements being made on a regular basis. Personally I think it's a great piece of software and I hope it continues to be successful. If you have not tried it yet, you should!